Softhood Deluxe™
Softhood Deluxe™
Softhood Deluxe™
Softhood Deluxe™

Softhood Deluxe™

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Fashionably on time, and fabulously on point

Introducing a new and improved way to take care of hair: Softhood Deluxe. The Airflow™ technology ensures a smooth, even distribution of heat and air, preventing split, damaged, and broken hairs.

Professional salon quality hair care at a fraction of the cost: the Softhood makes it all seem easy.

Healthy, soft and shiny hair that will result in a rich, luscious, professional look at a fraction of the cost, made possible in the comfort of your own home! The Softhood makes hair care sound easy, but it is even easier than it sounds!

Perfectly voluminous curls in a jiffy

With the Softhood, you can curl your hair in less than 40 minutes! Just put the curl rollers under your Softhood, paired with a standard blowdryer on the coolest setting, and get a rich, bouncy set of curls that will last all day!

Enjoy your book or your coffee and let the Softhood do the work for you! No more uncomfortable curlers in your hair whilst you sleep.

Advanced hair care and repair

If you want to go the extra mile, the key to a shiny, well-nourished hairdo is heat-infused deep conditioning. Wet hair opens up, allowing it to soak up all the vital, essential nutrients that can be added to it with oil.

Professional quality in the comfort of your own home!

Just apply a moisturizing conditioner, wear the Softhood Deluxe, and relax while the magic happens. The heat is well-regulated, but your hair may still light up any room you enter!

What's wrong with normal blow-drying?

Normal blow drying is time-consuming, requires your full attention, and comes with the risk of damaging your hair. The Softhood saves time and saves your hair from splitting, breaking, or burning.

In short:

  • Healthy, luscious hair because of heat regulation.
  • Rich curls with easy in less than 40 minutes.
  • Professional look and feel in the comfort of your home.
  • Even distribution. All your hair is equally dry, and of the same quality structure.
  • Deep conditioning, easier than ever!
  • No more bad hair days. Ever! But your hair will daze 'em, that's for sure!

Fashionably on time, and fabulously on point.

Imagine having a relaxing 30-minute shower, just to have your zen taken from you by the arduous task of blow-drying your hair, requiring your focus when you also still want to apply make-up or enjoy your morning coffee while reading the papers. 

Now imagine Softhood drying your hair for you, healthier and more efficiently than a normal blowdry would. Imagine saving time while also ending up with a more luscious hairdo. Imagine saving 2400 hours of blowdrying your hair over a lifetime thanks to the Softhood!

No more choosing between hair care or morning coffee. The softhood lets you have it all!

On an average adult lifetime, save at least 2400 hours or 100 full days of valuable time!

Save time while saving your hair! The heat is regulated and evenly divided. That means no more excessive heat breaking your hair fibres.


Say bye to frizz! No more bad hair days. Ever.

The softhood is foldable, lightweight and portable, so you can bring it anywhere.

If all of this efficiency isn't enough, you can even add oils or other hair-care products that need heat, as an inexpensive yet qualitative alternative to a professional heating cap, in the comfort of your own home!


  • Regulated heat. That means no more frizz and no more split or broken hairs.
  • Even distribution of air. The same care for every hair.
  • For every hair type and style, whether curly or straight, blown out.
  • You can even use the softhood for heat-based oil treatments & deep conditioning!
  • One size fits all, and comfortably so!
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